• Chinese Astrology for 2017
Chinese Astrology for 2017

How Would You Fare in Fire Rooster Year?

This information-packed annual release is your guide in knowing what 2017 holds for you from a Relationship, Wealth, Career, and Health perspective. Gain a more personalized insight for each of the 60 Day Pillars (Jia Zi), the Twelve Animal Signs outlook, and the analysis on key areas for each month of the year. Be prepared to embrace all the possibilities ahead - as with awareness, comes the power to realize your dreams.

What You'll Learn:
  • Annual outlook for all 12 animal signs
  • Auspicious and Inauspicious Stars for each of the 12 animal signs
  • 12-month outlook for each animal sign
  • Annual outlook based on your Personal Day of Birth
  • Personalized monthly analysis for each of the 60 Day Pillars
Chapter Highlights

Chapter One: Preface

Chapter Two: Introduction
Learn the basics on how to determine your Animal Sign, your Day Pillar, and your Gua number.

Chapter Three: Forecast for the Twelve Animal Signs in 2017
Glimpse into the specific and overall forecasts based on your Animal Sign, to find out what 2017 has in store for you.

Chapter Four: Personalized Forecast for 2017 Based on Day of Birth
Your Jia Zi, with advice and forecast down to the period of every month, is your indispensable source of information for next year

Chinese Astrology for 2017

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